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Project Overview

Health Care App

This app was meticulously designed using wireframes to explore optimal arrangements of various elements, aligning them seamlessly with the intended design objectives. The core objective of the app is to streamline the process of locating doctors in Ecuador for patients, along with providing insights into doctor reviews. The app is thoughtfully structured to prevent appointment delays, ensuring a more efficient scheduling experience directly within the app interface.

Project Overview

Project Time:

3 week project

Project Purpose:

The app´s purpose is to facilitate seamless doctor discovery, appointment scheduling, and access to reviews for patients focused Ecuador.


The Problem

What was happening?

In Ecuador, doctors routinely make patients wait despite expecting punctuality, while finding doctor information and scheduling appointments is challenging. Survey data shows most patients face appointment delays even when arriving on time, with 64% finding scheduling easy and 36% finding it difficult.

Problem Space

In Ecuador, both public and private health systems encounter appointment delays. Public hospitals lack communication clarity and suffer from medical absences, while the private system also experiences patient wait times. Similar appointment challenges are observed globally, as highlighted by OECD statistics across several countries.

Goals & Objectives

Project Objectives

To enhance communication between doctors and patients and streamline the appointment process.


Doctors currently lack transparent and effective communication with their patients concerning the status of their appointments.

I will be able to ascertain the accuracy of my belief when I find that a majority of the individuals I interview express consistent frustration due to experiencing prolonged waiting times before receiving medical attention, even after having made scheduled appointments.


Patients often endure extended wait times for their scheduled appointments and may arrive only to discover that their doctor is unavailable due to emergencies or unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, accessing pertinent information and reviews about necessary specialists proves challenging for patients.


The project deliverables include a solution for the problem, a fully functional mobile app task flow, greyscale wireframes.

Target Audience

Based on research, the Target audience is healthcare administrators, practitioners, patients, and medical service seekers.


Experience Map


Task Flow



Market Research

Currently, there is a lack of dedicated platforms to assist patients in booking appointments with their doctors. Other platforms that provide doctor contacts are highly scattered and challenging to research.

User Research


Main Inspiration

I directed my attention towards observing how other apps typically offer a user-friendly method for selecting dates and times during setup. Equally important was the identification of a straightforward process to navigate diverse categories, facilitating users in finding their desired information more effortlessly.



- Technological Infrastructure
- Language & Localization
- Payment Methods
- Trust & Security
- Logistic Challenges



I created my initial prototype and then tested it with users once. This allowed me to identify user-experience issues and make improvements. As a result, I made progress with the greyscale wireframes and reached a favorable position.

User Testing

Usability testing gave good results. It showed where the app works well and where it needs small changes for better use. One main issue was on the first screen with doctor specialties. People had trouble finding what they wanted. Also, some text and color problems were noticed. Fixing these with clearer text and colors will help users know where to click.

The Solution

The app offers users a convenient list of doctors sorted by specialty and location. It also simplifies appointment booking and sends alerts for any appointment delays, preventing last-minute surprises upon reaching the doctor's office.
Users can access comprehensive profile pages where they can see reviews and an easy way to book an appointment.
View the full prototype

Learning Outcomes & Next Steps

Key Learnings

Desktop viewing might miss spacing issues on phones. Simple design helps users understand and navigate. Fewer steps per screen improve user experience. Focusing on functionality streamlines high-detail design from wireframes. Rest, not pushing through tiredness, boosts productivity.

Next Steps

Initiate user testing for feedback and improvements. Create a mood board guiding app aesthetics. Craft detailed wireframes for design and functionality representation. Test again for user alignment. Collaborate with developers for effective design-to-code translation.