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Project Overview

Chiche Trails calendar

This project involved creating a visually engaging calendar design for a local bike park to be posted on social media.

Project Overview

Project Time:

2-day project

Project Purpose:

The aim was to provide clients with a quick access to information about when they could visit the park. By prioritizing visual appeal and accessibility, the design ensures the clients can easily see the park´s opening hours and trails available so they can plan their visits accordingly.


The Problem

What was happening?

The bike park´s social media management utilized Microsoft Excel to publish information about available trails and opening hours. However, this resulted in a confusing design overloaded with unnecessary information, which not only confused the reader but also lacked suitability for viewing on mobile devices, the primary source of accessing the calendar.

Original Design

Goals & Objectives

Project Objectives

To craft an intuitive, seamless, and easily readable calendar, providing only the essential information regarding weekly opening hours and available trails for each day, utilizing only the available space for an Instagram-sized post in one image.




The Solution

The calendar assists users in easily discerning the opening hours for each day, along with clear indications of which trails are exclusively open on that specific day.

Learning Outcomes & Next Steps

Key Learnings

Concise information display facilitates better organization, utilizing whitespace to distinguish between grouped and separate elements. Seamless lines in very light greys help to separate elements if they become too close.

Next Steps

Design the rest of the functions and flows of the app. Continue to improve UI design fixing color use and spacing between different elements. Go through more rounds of user testing. Take it to the developers to begin building the product.